theWonderLand (Storytelling Series)

theWonderLand, a storytelling series, was inspired by my desire for exploration of people and their stories. I have an innate interest in people that drives my curiosity to dig deep into their stories and uncover the treasure of who they are.  This is not a job for me, this is how I serve humanity. Join me as I explore theWonderLand!

Below are a few clips from some episodes of theWonderLand, and a collaborative project with JonBruce Media. Please note, I am currently engaged in post-production for these episodes, so what you view below is only a taste of raw footage.

“The Lone Sailor”, a joint collaboration between Dominique L. Johnson Media & JonBruce Media

Designer Michael A. Davis, II discusses the inspiration behind his Kaepernick jacket and shares his intersectional experience as a Black military veteran who’s experienced racism from law enforcement.


“Art Imitates Death – Artist Profile”

Artist Kate Mueller explains the materials she used to create her coffin interior and as it turns out, these fabrics hold sentimental meaning.


“A Millennial Teaches Us to Discover Purpose – Author Profile”

First-time author and 27-year-old David Iskander shares what sparked him to write his first book on the subject of finding your purpose.