Arizona PBS News Stories

During my time as a graduate student, I anchored the newscast, produced (shoot & edit) and reported weekly news stories for Cronkite NewsWatch, the award-winning student newscast of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism.

Below are samples of my work as an anchor on Cronkite NewsWatch (now called Cronkite News) and my work as a multimedia journalist/reporter. These stories aired on KAET-TV Arizona PBS.


Newscast Anchor

Multimedia Journalist/Reporter

Jewish Millenials

The identity markers of faith evolve as a generation ages and for a number of Jewish young adults, are choosing to practice their faith culturally rather than religiously, or not at all. Filmed & edited by Dominique Johnson. Featured on Cronkite NewsWatch on 11/18/13 & on our special episode “Religion in Arizona” on 12/6/13 .


Affordable Care Act & Students

College students learn to navigate the Healthcare Marketplace. Filmed, edited, and aired on Cronkite NewsWatch [Phoenix KAET 8.3] on 10/1/13.


City of Phoenix Donation Bin Ordinance

Donation bins are placed in various locations throughout a city and encourage residents to give back, but city officials want to remove bins because they are considered eyesores. Filmed & edited, aired on Cronkite NewsWatch on 9/30/13.


Feature Stories

Film Photography Becomes Trendy

If you own a 35mm camera and have ever thought about throwing away, don’t! These “relics” have more value than you think. *This story was not featured on Arizona PBS, but I enjoyed the editing process for this piece. Filmed and edited March/April 2013